Podcast Episode 19: JB, The True Antite

ep19Get rich quick schemes, the Apple Watch, and how this show is becoming all about reviews.

JB? Now he’s anti.

This and much, much, much more or actually not that much on this exciting installment of the Josh Podcast podcast Show, the Anti-Podcast podcast on God and man!


One thought on “Podcast Episode 19: JB, The True Antite

  1. JB Christenson says:

    Wow, this has made my week! Thank you so much! As you stated, I am a diehard fan of your podcast, thus having my own episode was a wish come true! I can not express in words how happy, nay, purely joyful I felt when my iPhone notified me of this episode! With no exaggeration, I was dancing with joy!
    So then, what else was I going to say? Heh, I’m so happy right now!
    Well, one thing as I wait for my mind to bring up the proverbial file, remember the short segment you interjected about allergies and medications? That could have easily been written by me. This is just one of many ways we seem to be similar. From our interests to our very names, every episode it seems I have learned a new similarity, with one possible exception being the funniest episode of them all, Ep.13.
    Ah yes, I recall now! I simply wished to tell you what my schedule was so we may one day arrange the production of an episode together!
    Honestly, I am so happy right now I have to say it again!
    Very good, I believe I have successfully conveyed this fact by now, so moving on.
    Most weekdays at the hours of 13-18 your LMT should work nicely for me. Actually being invited to your podcast has no doubt contributed greatly to my currently overwhelming state of joy!
    Well, I know I had intended to say more, but I can not recall any more at this time!
    I thank you yet again for making my week!

    Wishing you a day as amazing as mine,
    JB Christenson

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