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BREAKING: Rocklin City Council Needs Shakeup!

Hi, I’m Josh Rolph, and my campaign is all about serving you and improving Rocklin. I live near Sierra College with my wife and our four young kids. I own a small business located on Lonetree Blvd by the RC Willey furniture store.

When I say my race is all about YOU, that’s not idle politician-speak. I want to hear from you, learn from you, and give you a voice before the five-member City Council – because it’s sorely needed.

Three incumbents are running to keep their seats for the next four years. Two non-incumbents and myself are running to serve. It’s a six person race for three seats. It will be a challenge but with your help, you can have a voice in Rocklin city government, making a real difference in the matters that affect us everyday, like our safety, development, traffic, taxes, and recreation.

I look forward to meeting you and learning how we can make this city even better.

Any questions, feel free to reach me ANY TIME on my personal cell at (916) 675-2801 or message me using the form below.




My first, second, and third priority for the city is to ensure a safe community where individuals, families, and businesses can live, work, learn, and play with an assurance of peace and security. Many parents worry for their children’s safety from some of the vilest of today’s woes, like sex trafficking and illegal drug abuse. In Rocklin, these evils should never be on anyone’s mind.


Prosperity doesn’t mean cash falling from the sky. It does mean having an abundance of opportunity and never having a ceiling to fulfilling dreams. Whether it’s starting a new business, expanding your education, or seeking any number of personal successes, Rocklin should be the place in California where dreams happen. 


We have a lot of parks, though many of them are cookie-cutter. We need the community’s best ideas and volunteerism to transform city parks and open spaces into a world-class recreational, fitness, and cultural center. Preserving critical wildlife is essential while managing open space in a way that encourages community engagement and community pride – not just today but for generations to come.


Your generous contribution will help fund my effort to get out the message to Rocklin voters. Every dollar will be spent wisely.

Thank you so much for your support.


Our family has lived in Rocklin for eight years where we have taken part in the rich offerings Rocklin provides: school, sports, community events, church, fun restaurants and beautiful parks and open spaces. Until recently, my professional career has been focused squarely on public service at the federal level where I worked in agriculture protecting family farmers and ensuring a safe and affordable food supply.

This year I started a business in Rocklin, just as the pandemic hit. As we all attempt to navigate the new normal, small businesses are closing all around us, parents are struggling to work while educating their children, rolling blackouts continue, and our city council can and should be doing more. As a city council member, I will give you a voice. I will go to bat for you. I will work to responsibly get people back to full employment, and restore common-sense development in parts of Rocklin where residents are fed up. I will join with fellow council members to bring lower cost and dependable energy to Rocklin. 


Josh Rolph speaks to Californians in Capitol Hill committee room

I have lots of government experience advocating for those in need. As a legislative director for a congressman, I wrote bills that became law. As an advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, I promoted strong trade deals with Congress. And as a federal advocate representing California farmers, I stopped bad legislation, promoted regulatory reform and put an end to horrible ideas. These skills can bring a strong voice for our local community to represent your interests and fight for common sense laws and careful spending of taxpayer funds.

there are many ways to help this campaign!



Rolph family picture