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This is the place where I share my musings on God and man, attempting to hone this little hobby of mine for all to see, praise, mock, ignore.

To understand how I write, let’s start with who I am. I could best be described as dead-serious and dead-not-serious.


cropped-rolph-5-120px.jpgMy dead-serious beliefs/opinions on faith, politics, side ventures, music, and thoughts on life are sure to please some while offending others. If you are on the offended side, I still think you’re great.

The most dead-serious thing I’m doing these days is working on a book that takes a different look at politics and religion. Behind my monitor is a huge stack of source material I’ve been wading through. It’s a work of love. And it’s dead-serious.



I aspire to be a lot of things, one of them is to be a sit-down comedian. Since stand up probably isn’t for me because the repetition of the same act over and over would get old fast and I would likely get bored, turning dead-serious lecturing the audience (early Larry David style) – and since improv definitely isn’t for me (I don’t like teamwork) – I’m taking a shot at the sit-down variety.

Most of my trying-to-be funny posts are truly hilarious, to me. Otherwise I wouldn’t click the “publish” button. Some people might think they are serious. They are often dripping with sarcasm. They are often written in the voice of a clueless character who could not possibly exist. Sometimes even family members are fooled, like when my brother thought my doctor had really asked whether I was pregnant.

When you contact my agent by phone and hear, “this is Josh Rolph,” just ignore that. Say you want to speak with my agent and then my agent will put on his agent voice. He means well.