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I’ve spent lots on productivity apps (to do lists, calendars, task managers) that are all feature rich but almost impossible to use in every day life. The Life on a Page iPad app will help you see everything going on in your life, all on one screen.

The app is very simple. Enter categories & tasks, then move them around the screen in any order you wish. Your password-protected information is stored safely in the cloud. Down the road, your tasks would be accessible via any device. I have a long list of features to be added down the road. For now, I’m starting simple.

So if you have an iPad, let me know! I need some early users for feedback once it’s released. Enter your email below or on the Life on a Page website if you wouldn’t mind helping out. We’ll let you know when the app launches in April and just ask that you pay $0.99 or $1.99 for the app. No obligation. Unsubscribe at any time.

And yes, I did just post the other day about how to fall asleep using a piece of paper. The Life on a Page concept is also based on a piece of paper, only this one aims to keep you awake and keep you organized.