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Milli Vanilli


You are an amazingly good-looking fraud with no discernible talent. You attempt to charm others with well-rehearsed, bigger-than-life dance moves and shiny clothing that would have wowed any television audience over two decades ago. You rely on others to provide the authenticity and originality you crave, but this can only work for so long. That said, your songs are extremely catchy. I have one of them in my head right now.


Over IM with my brother Ben the other day, he mentioned reading my last blog post and said, “your last few posts have been crazy weird.” He told me that if writing is a good release for me, it is a good thing. He then told me to work out. I didn’t take the crazy weird comment lightly. What would you do if your brother told you that and he was a licensed therapist?

While working out today, I realized why my posts have been crazy weird — it’s because I don’t know my personality type. So I decided to figure out who I am. I took a personality test that I’ve included below and thought I would share it with you, because it helped me a lot. Enjoy!

Personality test: Which pop icon are you?