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Lots o’ thoughts this past first week of 14 + 2000. I’ve been proud of myself that not once, not twice, not at anytime in the past eight days have I written down “2013,” which I mark as a sign of growing maturity, knowledge, wisdom, and possibly courage trying really hard to write “2014.”

In the last week, I have worked on a number of different things – one I’m particularly proud of is I finally began writing book on a theory on politics, morality, religion. I started with the intro, which you’re not supposed to do, so it may actually become a preface because I thought of another good intro. The concept for the book is a little over a year old. Will write more about it another time when wrapping up the Epilogue, before I start filling in the in between.

With politics on the mind, I’ve been completely enthralled the last few days by the writings of a small but growing cadre of philosopher kings who both love philosophy AND desire to be America’s future kings once this constitutional government thing (pejoratively called “democracy”) gets brushed away. Oh kids.

Their IQs, judging by their superior quality of writing, logic, knowledge of history, academic achievement, and overall grasp of the trivium must be astronomically high, because I can barely understand anything they write with my IQ hovering somewhere around the filosofer jester level. I find myself drifting off early in each of their blog posts in an almost REM state. I look to the right of my browser and the scroll bar is not a bar, it’s a barely discernable flat line near the top of the column reminding me that my index finger will kill once I finish scrolling down (Mac OS, up) to the end. Will try to pay better attention because these may someday be my leaders.

They are the Reactionaries. Also known as the Neo-Reactionaries. From what I can tell, they are mostly under 40 years old, well-educated, well-read. They fault the “Cathedral” or the liberal/progressivist institutions of learning and media that facilitate the narrow voter choices that produce the behemoth of government. They despise the Cathedral yet they are the Neo-Cathedral.

Their words are all over the web, soon to be Urbit*. They are really, truly fascinating, and I believe they are mostly wrong, partly right, and really good at writing a lot of words a lot. But their old arguments are fresh and they do say a few things that I’ve been saying and thinking for a long time.

That said, writing about them is making me tired. I hope to write more when better rested because I have a lot of words to say about their movement.

Neoreactionary lite

More Right

*Urbit founder and Forefather Mencius Moldbug – whose name reminds me of a worm for some reason, and for some other reason the following two worms: 1) Wormwood, 2) Richard Scarry’s Lowly Worm.

Lowly Worm