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Josh Rolph

1 of 7 billion people

on planet earth


I can write whatever I want.



I have a blog. I don’t write on it much. I used to write on it more when people were interested in blogging.


So many charts. Is anyone sick of charts yet?

String Theory

Ties it all together.


Bar Graphs

I wonder how many bar graphs were made up by someone who didn’t feel like doing the hard work of gathering and analyzing data.


I don’t need a magnifying glass yet. Perfect vision so far.


The things that keep me from getting more done.

People who haven't seen this website

The Funniest Number

A Year

Dog Night

I forgot what to put here.


But don’t worry.

I’ll remember what it was.

Try to be a better person

There will be dips and valleys. That’s just life.


I can’t name one game I like. Not one. 

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Future Essayist: A Tale of Two Coca-Colas

Author’s note: People write in bulleted format in the year 2117 A Tale of Two Coca-Colas   Coming to be in 1975 was to be born in the best of times, it was to be born in the worst of times, it was the age of moon landings, it was the age of disco, it was the...

Podcast Episode 76: Lose Weight With Two Words

This could also be called the "Two Word Method to Losing Weight." I haven't thought through the marketing of this concept. I'm sure this method could go by a lot of names, but the "Two Word Method" is pretty appealing.

Podcast Episode 74: The Last Show

Tyler Oborn joins me for "The Last Show." Tyler is a great person and after listening, you'll agree. We talk music, politics, and the Today Series - IN EXACTLY THAT ORDER.  


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