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Josh Rolph

1 of 7 billion people

on planet earth


I can write whatever I want.



I have a blog. I don’t write on it much. I used to write on it more when people were interested in blogging.


So many charts. Is anyone sick of charts yet?

String Theory

Ties it all together.


Bar Graphs

I wonder how many bar graphs were made up by someone who didn’t feel like doing the hard work of gathering and analyzing data.


I don’t need a magnifying glass yet. Perfect vision so far.


The things that keep me from getting more done.

People who haven't seen this website

The Funniest Number

A Year

Dog Night

I forgot what to put here.


But don’t worry.

I’ll remember what it was.

Try to be a better person

There will be dips and valleys. That’s just life.


I can’t name one game I like. Not one. 

Recent posts

Guest Post: deadbob

He was on all fours, underneath a desk, with a thoughtful though slightly panicked and perspiratory-ish expression on his glowing face. He had a purpose, but he was running out of time. He turned his head leftward as far as he could out of the corner of the utmost...

Podcast Episode 72: Are Conservatives Funnier Than Liberals?

In this episode: * Who is funnier: Conservatives or Liberals? What does Google say? * What's funny about the Senate Judiciary Committee? * Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch * Next week's episode: "Gender, Politics Math" * Podcast Musical teaser

Two Men on a Plane

Man 1 We boarded the plane. I was the very last to board, as usual, because I really don't like standing in line. I really, really don’t like standing in line. Why’s that? Because I don’t like to stand. I like to sit. Being the first to board a plane means more time...

What Your Profile Pic Says About You

SKIP THESE OPENING WORDS IF YOU'D LIKE I hung out with a guy in high school whose mom was crazy. He had warned me and I didn't believe him because a lot of kids back then said their moms were crazy. But when this guy said it, there was a certain matter-of-factness to...


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