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Well. Listen here.

This is the perfect episode to listen to when you are in a rush, and I’m talking the kind of rush where you don’t have time to listen to any podcast episode on earth.

I imagine people listening to this episode when they want to hear an entire podcast episode but simply don’t have the time.

I imagine a busy hedge fund manager running out the door of her luxury penthouse suite with a half-eaten goat cheese crostini in one hand and phone in the other. Just as she opens the door she briefly experiences an altered personality shift from her usual determined, go-getter self, becoming for a flash darkly despondent, when she exclaims to herself, “I forgot to listen to the Josh Podcast podcast Show, the Anti-Podcast podcast on God and man during my workout!”

As if fate was calling, she feels her phone vibrate and notices there is a new episode of her favorite show that uses the word “podcast” four times. She also rejoices that this is the “shortest podcast episode in the world” and will therefore be able to squeeze in an entire episode listen before she even leaves her front porch, even if she is sprinting out the door.

And none of you, no, not one, will ever be able to say that I didn’t look out for you and seek to satisfy YOUR needs. This show is all about YOU. Even though it’s called the “Josh Podcast podcast Show,” it’s all. about. you.