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I have been itching to create a podcast for my blog since ‘Nam.

The ‘Nam joke is funny to me, but yes, I’m also sensitive to the fact that it’s also not at all funny.

Actually, I’ve been itching to podcast since I started this blog. I can point to other points in my life pre-blog since ‘Nam when/where I had a real, very tangible interest in podcasting.

What prompted the podcasting itch is it kind of bothers me when people read my posts and think something different than what I intended. That wouldn’t bother me if they were thinking something positive after reading. Some of the feedback I’ve received is that they just don’t get the posts that are intended to be….humorous. Comical. Funny.

I am perfectly aware that not everything is funny. But everything I write is funny, at least everything I’ve written since ‘Nam.

I don’t even know if I’m writing “‘Nam” the right way. If I had a podcast you would hear “Nam” as in “rhymes with yam.” See, this post should have an accompanying podcast. Then nothing is lost.


This is from my post about emoticons that you didn’t understand (not you, necessarily).

Anyway, when I’m writing something that is, to me, so abundantly and clearly and obviously and without-a-doubt satire of the most stupendous order, like a post about lists or yogurt, and when someone reads satire thinking I was serious, then yeah. That’s not right.

What a podcast would offer, in my mind, is the opportunity to allow me to read what I wrote the way it should be read in your head. I would also add some more commentary I leave out to keep the posts shorter than I would otherwise like, which is book length.

In other words, by taking away from you the step you should already be doing in your head (not you, personally), I would take away from you something you should already be doing in your head (again, I’m not talking to you, personally, I’m talking very generally to you, someone else).

Again, I’m just not a good enough writer to be able to communicate exactly the way I want to with words, especially when I repeat myself to make sure you get the point (not you, okay?).

Podcasting would also allow me to do something I like to do: talk about both something and nothing for long periods of time.

I have been shopping for a microphone for a few months. I’m torn between a condenser and a dynamic mike. I’ve pretty much decided to go XLR instead of USB. That means buying an audio interface, too. And a pop filter. And a stand. And maybe a shock mount.

I’m torn between chancing it on Craigslist and buying new. I’m torn between Guitar Center, Skip’s Music, and pawn shops. I’m torn between spending a lot of money and a little. I’ve wanted all this stuff for years to record music I write, but have always put it off for shorter term needs/wants.

I’m torn between whether to publish this post or not. I’m not torn whether to ask if anyone has an amazing mike collecting dust to kindly consider a generous non-tax deductible donation to me.


I had the chance to podcast with a friend yesterday who is starting his own show that I’ve helped with a little. Or a lot. One of the two, leaning toward the latter. He invited me on to talk about both my favorite topic (religion) and my least favorite topic (excommunication) so I thought I would share it below. He’s well ahead of me on the podcasting front. He’s done it before, and he owns all the stuff mentioned above.

Listen here for the Mormon Misfit podcast, episode 2. I was honored to be the first “misfit” guest, I think. I also coined a word that on a Google search does not exist, but will after I publish this post, which I’ve decided to do. There’s the “blogosphere” which is the universe of blogs. There is the “bloggernacle” which is the universe of Mormon-themed blogs. There is no “podcasternacle.” Since I do occasionally broach Mormon topics, my podcast could fit within the podcasternacle, for sure. I am so into that word. It sounds like a person, place, thing, or popcorn flavor.


I will be podcasting soon. Why? Because it’s fun.

And I just got a comment on facebook from a friend saying I have a good radio/podcast voice, and a “face for it, too.” I haven’t felt this good and bad since ‘Nam. (For the perplexed reader: the ‘Nam jokes are jokes.)