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My first, second, and third priority!

  • Support well-equipped, well-trained police and fire departments

  • Achieve a top ranking Public Protection Classification

  • Improve communication on current safety issues

  • Do more to improve traffic, reduce theft, and prevent crime

“Rocklin is quickly becoming a large city and crime and violence have already followed.  It will only increase as growth continues.  This once lovely small town community has become too large too fast and will push long-time quality residents out such as myself.”

–45 year Rocklin Resident

“Traffic up and down 65 and around the mall is getting worse.”

–12 year Rocklin Resident

“I feel unsafe near Springview Park after dark.”

–3 year Rocklin Resident

It is my strong belief that the fundamental job of the City Council is to ensure well-equipped and well-trained police and fire departments who protect our residents without bias. The safety and security of Rocklin residents will always be my top priority.

Our fire department has recently benefited by an investment in new engines and life saving devices. The City is currently ranked 2 on the Public Protection Classification rating system. I will strive to provide the Rocklin Fire Department with the resources necessary to achieve the coveted rating of 1 by the next survey period. As we’ve seen Northern California communities wiped off the map from devastating fires year after year, maintaining a ready and robust fire service is a benefit to us all. 

As the father of four young Rocklinites, my wife and I are concerned by state and national trends in illegal drug abuse, the opioid crisis, sex trafficking, and offenders being released early into our community. Instead of throwing up our hands and lamenting our current situation, there are things we can do to allay these concerns. I will work with our police department to get important information on current safety issues to our residents, help to provide educational resources to residents on how to increase their personal security, and help parents protect their children from online predators

Residential and vehicle property theft near the highway corridors has been an increasing problem. Our police department should play an active role in alleviating known traffic issues around town and have the resources to reduce speeding and reckless driving throughout the city, especially near our schools. 

Residents who live near the highway and train corridors are seeing more homeless and transient traffic and are experiencing increased neighborhood littering and persons with unstable demeanors. And if a Rocklin Trail system is developed, it’s useless if it isn’t safe. 

I hear your concerns. I will work to address them. Please reach out to me via phone or email with your ideas for improved public safety.



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